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The Benefits of Root Canal Treatments in Algonquin, IL

Root canal treatments are essential to restore the health of your natural teeth, and prevent the need for extensive procedures. At Signature Dental Group, we are focused on conserving and enhancing the health and function of your smile. We provide this treatment specifically to protect your overall oral health and treat discomfort due to decay.

If you are experiencing dental pain or cannot bite normally, requiring care to restore your oral health, contact our Algonquin root canal therapy provider today to schedule an appointment. 

What is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment removes decay and infection from the root chambers of teeth.  When infected dental pulp is left untreated, this leads to pain and discomfort. By receiving root canal treatment, our dentist removes this tissue before it can spread to bone and throughout the body. This treatment saves the tooth from further infection, preventing the need for extraction.

Signs and symptoms you may need root canal treatment:

- An abscess on the gums
- Sensitivity to temperature
- Toothache or pain
- Swelling and tenderness at the root

Although these symptoms are important to look out for, some patients experience no symptoms at all. It’s important to visit your Algonquin dentist to ensure your smile is healthy, and so cavities and decay are treated, which prevents the need for extensive procedures.

Lab Fabricated Dental Restorations

Custom crowns are placed after the root canals have been properly treated and cleaned. These restorations are fabricated to mimic the sheen and function of natural teeth. Tooth-colored crowns not only preserve a natural aesthetic, but also restore durability and healthy tooth structure after root canal therapy at our Algonquin dental office. Fabricated to withstand nearly the same bite pressure as real molars, and matching the look of existing teeth, our custom crowns are created to fit your needs. 

Root Canal Treatment in Algonquin

Root canal therapy in our Algonquin practice is accomplished with your comfort in mind. We provide local anesthetic, as well as sedation options. During this appointment, we remove the infected pulp through the top of the tooth, and once thoroughly cleaned, we seal the site and provide a temporary restoration. We then provide your final porcelain restorations to seal the tooth and treatment site from any future decay. Root canal therapy may take up to one to two appointments to fully heal infected teeth.

Schedule a Visit Today! 

At Signature Dental Group, we provide pain-relieving root canal therapy in Algonquin. Our dentists and staff are dedicated to your oral health and continued comfort. For more information about our root canal treatments, or to schedule an appointment to determine whether you need one, contact us today.  We are proud to also serve patients in surrounding communities in McHenry County such as Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, Huntley, and Lake in the Hills, Illinois!

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