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Gum Disease Treatment in Algonquin 

At Signature Dental Group, we take the health of your entire smile seriously. Healthy gums are equally as important as clean teeth, which is why we examine gum tissue thoroughly to determine if they need advanced care. If you are experiencing signs of gum disease, we are here to help!

How Do I Know if I Have Gum Disease?

With regular visits to the dentist, we can help catch initial signs of gum disease before they progress. However, if you haven’t seen the dentist for some time, this puts off routine dental cleanings that keep the smile healthy. Initial warning signs can be difficult to spot without professional care, but symptoms include:

- Red and swollen gums
- Bad breath
- Bleeding while brushing or flossing
- Exposed tooth roots 

Advanced periodontal disease causes teeth to become loose, weakening the underlying bone. An additional sign of progressed gum disease is receding gums, exposing the tooth roots. These dental concerns require patients to seek immediate care in order to preserve your natural teeth and restore your oral health. 

Treatments for Periodontal Disease in Algonquin

With the onset of gum disease, there are only minor concerns that can be solved with diligent brushing and flossing at home. This will help remove bacteria and plaque, which causes irritation and infection of the soft tissue. For moderate issues, a periodontal deep cleaning is recommended. Known as a root planing and scaling, this treatment removes plaque buildup around and underneath the gums. Our hygienists ensures thorough treatment, delivering periodontal with two dedicated appointments.  

Advanced Gum Care 

Our Algonquin dentists offer advanced surgical procedures for periodontitis that has progressed to the point that deep cleaning and maintenance cannot address your oral health issues. These procedures include:

Pocket Reduction Surgery – In order to remove deep-set tartar and plaque, the gums are lifted back to access buildup. In some cases, the surface of bone maybe irregular and require smoothing to limit the space in which bacteria can hide. The gums are then re-attached properly, reducing the space between gum and tooth. 

Soft Tissue Grafts and Bone Grafts – These procedures restore lost gum and bone tissue due to periodontal disease. Gums and jaw bone tissue are essential for the overall health of your smile. 

Dental Implants – If teeth with advanced periodontal disease are too infected for recommended procedures, tooth extraction may be necessary to protect your overall health. Since extraction may lead to bone loss, dental implants are recommended to replace these teeth and restore function to the smile. 

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At Signature Dental Group, we provide essential procedures to treat mild to advanced gum disease at our Algonquin dental office. For more information or to schedule a cleaning, contact our Algonquin dental practice today. We are happy to take in new patients from the surrounding communities in McHenry County such as Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, Huntley, and Lake in the Hills, Illinois!


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