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Cleanings and Exams in Algonquin 

At Signature Dental Group, we provide preventive dental services to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime. With our in-depth examinations and thorough professional dental cleanings, we create tailored dental plans that proactively target oral health and beauty goals. 

Bi-Annual Examinations

It’s important to visit the dentist at least twice a year, as these examinations provide insight to the health of your smile. During your six-month checkups, we examine you from head to neck. This process allows us to determine if your temporomandibular joint is in place and ask if you experience any headaches or pain in the area. This examination also helps us find oral health diseases, such as gum disease and tooth decay, before they impact your smile. We also look for lesions or signs for oral cancer as patients have high survival rate if caught early. If any of these concerns are found, we recommend services and discuss options, and then begin treatment to restore your oral health.

At our Algonquin practices, dental examinations are done with your comfort and ease in mind. We take the time examining your smile and tailor each experience with your relaxation in mind. As dentists with experience treating patients with dental fears and anxieties, we provide each person the desired degree of accommodations while they undergo their dental exam. At Signature Dental Group, we take our time to make your visit a positive one.

Professional Dental Cleanings in Algonquin

Once your examination with the dentist has been completed and treatment plan recommended, we move you forward with dental cleanings. Although brushing twice a day and flossing at least once is recommended to ensure a healthy smile, visiting our practice for a dental cleaning is imperative to ensure you maintain the best oral health possible. 

Cleanings remove the main source of tooth decay and periodontal disease: plaque and tartar. Tartar cannot be removed with simple brushing, and can only be properly eliminated with the expertise of our hygienists. In combination with the examination, we take a look at the depth of gum pockets as well, a key indicator to gum health and the progression of periodontal disease. The measurement of your pockets determines if further steps, such as a deep cleaning, may be necessary. 

During cleanings, we remove debris and stains and create a clean surface to apply fluoride. This mineral strengthens tooth enamel and assists in the protection against decay. Sealants may be applied during this cleaning, as it adds another level of protection to prevent bacteria from building up. However, basic preventive cleaning treatments simply make note of any concerning areas and move forward with eliminating tartar and then polishing the teeth. During the time your hygienist or dentist will discuss with you ways to properly brush and floss, and recommend any additional methods in optimizing your oral health. 

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At Signature Dental Group, Dr. Shakeel and the rest of the team provide preventive services such as cleanings and exams to patients in Algonquin. To schedule your next visit, please contact us at our Algonquin dental practice today. 

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