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IV Sedation

IV Sedation from our Algonquin Cosmetic Dentist

While sedation is often used in dentistry to ease patients through longer or more complex procedures, it can also be of significant help to anxious and fearful patients. Millions of people avoid visiting the dentist for routine checkups due to anxiety over receiving oral health care.  As a result, potentially treatable conditions cause serious damage to teeth and enamel and soft tissue health begins to decline.

At Signature Dental Group, we make visiting the dentist a relaxing and positive experience with sedation dentistry in Algonquin, IL. Our sedation services offer a deep and effective level of comfort to help soothe even the most fearful patients.

IV Sedation Dentistry in Algonquin

Dr. Shakeel is certified in IV dental sedation, a specialized license that only 1% of dentists in the US can claim, as training is complex. Our skill in administering IV sedation allows us to provide quality dental services so fearful patients can more easily achieve healthy smiles.

IV sedation places patients to a deep sleep. If you are experiencing severe dental anxiety that has kept you from seeing a dentist, you can come into Signature Dental Group, enjoy a restful appointment, and return home with no memory of the treatment processes that took place during your visit. IV sedation is ideal for those who are exceptionally nervous about their appointment and or those who require lengthier visits.

The Benefits of IV Sedation

Anxious patients love sedation for dental visits, as it shortens the perceived length of your visit. This is especially helpful if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and need more comprehensive care to improve your oral health.

During sedation, you will feel as if you slept and can recover from your treatment feeling rested and relaxed.  Best of all, sedation produces an amnesiac effect – you will not remember your appointment. Our nervous patients enjoy not being able to recall sights or sounds during their visit that may trigger future dental anxiety.

Other Sedation Options

In addition to IV sedation, Dr. Shakeel helps patients relax during their visit with the following sedation options:

Oral Conscious – This method creates feelings of patient comfort through oral medication that remains in your system for up to a few hours. After taking the prescribed pill at-home, you can wait until the calming effect activates before having a companion take you to our office. You’ll still be conscious, but will be deeply relaxed – your appointment will appear to have passed in minutes.

Nitrous Oxide – Laughing gas, as it is most commonly called, is administered in-office via a small mask that is placed over your mouth and nose. Inhaling this sedative creates feelings of wellness and relaxation that make your dental appointment easy and worry-free. The effects of nitrous oxide can be reversed in-office, so there are no lingering feelings of grogginess.

If you have questions about what sedation method is best for you, visit our office to learn more. Dr. Shakeel can take time to get to know you and recommend the best sedative method for your needs and anxiety level.

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