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Signature Dental Group Offers Emergency Dental Care in Algonquin, IL

If you are facing a dental emergency, such as damage due to injury or decay, visiting our Algonquin dental practice can ensure restored oral health. At Signature Dental Group, we provide emergency dental treatments to patients who are dealing with pain and esthetic concerns by accidental injury.

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Emergency Dental Treatments in Algonquin

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, whether during a sporting event or simply chewing on something hard. Cracked, knocked-out, or decayed teeth requires immediate treatment. When you call our practice, we do the most to schedule you as soon as possible. For after hour calls, we have a 24-hour call service that will help assist you in minimizing pain and retaining the health of your teeth as you wait for your emergency appointment. 

Depending on the type of emergency, we provide an array of treatments to restore health and preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible. 

Composite Bonding –Chips and cracks on teeth result in a risk of infection while impacting the look of your smile. Composite dental bonding repairs your tooth quickly without forgoing esthetic appeal as the material can be shade matched to your natural teeth. 

Teeth Replacements – Knocked-out teeth that are not properly replaced can result in smile misalignment and uncomfortable function. At our Algonquin practice, we provide Teeth-in-an-Hour treatment for patients who are looking to replace full arches of their smile. Whether you’ve lost your dentures and are looking for a permanent solution or are seeking a replacement for one or two teeth, dental implants at Signature Dental Group is the recommended treatment option. 

Root Canal Treatments – In order to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth, removing the infected inner tissue is essential to restore your comfort and oral health. Root canal treatments are paired with custom crowns fabricated to look and feel like natural teeth. 

What You Can Do At Home

As we do the most to schedule your appointment immediately, we wish to ensure your comfort and relief when experiencing a dental emergency. 

If you have a knocked out tooth, it’s important to ensure the full tooth, roots and all, are intact. Be sure to wash off any dirt and place it into an over-the-counter tooth saving solution, milk or saliva. If you experience swelling, pain, or soreness, take pain relief medication and apply a cold compress to the site. 

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Damage to the soft tissue and teeth can result in a great impact on the health of your smile. Dr. Shakeel and our team of skilled dental professionals are committed to restoring your oral health and appearance. 


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